Best Monitor for Video Conferencing 2021 (Reviews)

Best Monitor for Video Conferencing

Working on a computer is easier when you find the best monitor for video conferencing in 2021.

With an increasing number of people working from home, it is important to have a good monitor to stay updated with all work tasks.

Attributes such as refresh rate and the monitor’s tilt can be important when you must take part in conferences frequently. The size of the monitor cannot be overlooked either.

The more people join an online conference, the more space they take up on your screen.

The best minimum monitor for video conferencing:

Features Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Monitor size 24” 27”
Refresh rate 60Hz 144Hz
Optimum resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels 2560 x 1080
Webcam No Yes
Tilt Yes Yes
Pivot Yes Yes


Why Did I Pick these Laptops?

  • Best Overall: The LG 27GL83A-B provides high image quality, responsiveness, and top adjustability.
  • Affordability – For those looking for affordable monitors for video conferencing that are still powerful, the Sceptre R1200 is the informed choice.
  • Best for high resolution – for those looking for monitors for video conferencing with more features and 2K resolution, the AUZAI 27 Inch 2K offers leading image quality.
  • Best monitor with speakers – you should have a look at the Sceptre 32 inch QHD IPS if you’re after the best monitor with built-in speakers.


The 10 Best Monitors for Video Conferencing in 2021:

#1 Best Overall: LG 27GL83A-B

Features: Size: 27” | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels | Refresh Rate: 144Hz| Tilt: Yes| Pivot: Yes

Size: At 27 inches, this monitor covers the display size aspect well. Wider than typical 21” office monitors, it’s ideal for videoconferencing.

Resolution: The monitor’s high maximum resolution support recommends it even outside video conferencing with all types of video content.

Refresh rate: Refreshing 144 times per minute, this monitor ensures you do not miss any frame during a video conference. The high refresh rate is more than the average user needs, but it works well for those who work with fine details, such as architects or videoconferencing engineers who cannot miss any frame.

Tilt: You can find the right viewing angle with the tilt function of the monitor. This adjustment is useful when you are trying to reduce glare or to view the videoconference better.

Pivot: Depending on your work line, this monitor’s pivoting function can prove highly practical.

Verdict: Highly versatile and based on a robust IPS QHD display, this monitor exceeds the best video conferencing monitor’s recommended features.


#2 Best Affordable Monitor: Sceptre R1200

Features: Size: 24” | Resolution: 1080p | Refresh Rate: 165Hz | Tilt: Yes| Pivot: No

Size: At 24 inches, this monitor is just the right size for those into medium-sized displays. It is the true size for entertainment such as gaming and watching videos. It works well for videoconferencing. Its curved design is ideal for the ultimate viewing angles, even without maximum tilt versatility.

Resolution: At 1080p, it meets the recommended settings for all of those into a high-definition video. However, its full-HD resolution capacity might be limited by slow internet speed.

Refresh rate: The high 165Hz refresh rate makes this display even more attractive for all those who need a bit more from a typical monitor for office work. It is ideal for all types of video content.

Tilt: The limited tilt on this display is balanced by the curved display, which ensures better viewing angles.

Pivot: There is no pivot function.

Verdict: Sceptre made the R1200 one of the most popular monitors of the moment. It is reassuring to see it retail for a lower price than expected, given its characteristics.


#3 Best Responsive Monitor: Sceptre IPS 27″ LED Gaming Monitor

Features: Size: 27” | Resolution: 1920×1080| Refresh Rate: 144Hz| Tilt: Yes| Pivot: No

Size: At 27 inches, the monitor for videoconferencing from Spectre is a bit wider than the R1200. It would work for all those who need to join entire teams on a video call where display size is important.

Resolution: this impressive display supports Full-HD resolution. While you can find higher resolution monitors, they would not improve the average videoconference by much in terms of the level of graphic detail.

Refresh rate: The refresh rate exceeds the minimum recommendations for a video conferencing monitor. It is a futureproof purchase you will not have to update for at least 5-8 years.

Tilt: 15-degree tilt allows you to adjust the viewing angles of this monitor.

Pivot: There is no pivot function to the display, but given it features multiple HDMI ports, you might only use it in landscape mode.

Verdict: Versatile, well-connected, and fast, this monitor has a 1ms response time which recommends it for the most graphics-oriented video calls. Extras such as luminous cover lights are a nice touch as well.


#4 Best Resolution: AUZAI 27 Inch 2K

Features: Size: 27” | Resolution: 2K| Refresh Rate: 144Hz| Tilt: Yes| Pivot: Yes

Size: Soon to be the most popular 2021 monitor for video calls, this AUZAI display comes in the right 27” size. The step up for those on 21” monitor is considerable. However, once you get past first impressions, it becomes difficult to move back to a small monitor, even for video conferences.

Resolution: At 2560x1440p resolution, this monitor offers more than you need for video conferences. You can use it to stream high-resolution videos after your work is done to make the most of its full resolution capacity.

Refresh rate: The refresh rate can be adjusted from 144Hz to 165Hz.

Tilt: The monitor’s tilt function allows you to bring it up to 7 degrees to the front and up to 17 degrees backward.

Pivot: Pivoting can be important if you are standing up during a videoconference. This can be the case when you need to make a presentation.

Verdict: Supporting 2K resolution, this monitor replaces all displays you need at home with a wide viewing surface.


#5 Best Frameless Display: AUZAI 27 Inch 1080p

Features: Size: 27” | Resolution: 1080p| Refresh Rate: 144Hz | Tilt: Yes| Pivot: Yes

Size: The same monitor but with lower resolution is also offered in this AUZAI display. It can be the main priority when it comes to everyday use, especially.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 meets the standard resolution requirements for video calls. It also works for most movies, games, and other forms of video content.

Refresh rate: Since it is mostly made for gaming, this monitor’s high refresh rate ensures you will not miss any important details.

Tilt: As most AUZAI monitors, the tilt function of the display works smoothly, and it tends to enhance the viewing experience considerably.

Pivot: There is a pivot function on display for portrait-mode viewing.

Verdict: If you do not need a 2K resolution, this monitor offers the HD viewing experience you need. It even works with a VESA mount in case you want to attach it directly to your desk.


#6 Best High-End Monitor: Sceptre Curved 32″ Monitor

Features: Size: 32” | Resolution: 1920 x 1080| Refresh Rate: 240Hz | Tilt: Yes| Pivot: No

Size: You know you are taking your monitor seriously when you have one of 32 inches. The users who most benefit from such a large display typically want to replace dual monitors if they need to work with documents or have other open windows while at a conference; such a large display is ideal for your needs.

Resolution: All details are clearly seen in full-HD resolution, supported by this Sceptre monitor.

Refresh rate: Very high 240Hz refresh rate places this monitor among the rare performers orientated towards maximum viewing comfort in videos and gaming.

Tilt: You can tilt the curved display for optimum viewing angles, depending on glare and eye level height.

Pivot: You cannot pivot this monitor.

Verdict: Made with a wide display and impressive refresh rate, this monitor offers one of the best prospects of multitasking.


#7 Best Built-In Speakers Monitor: Sceptre 32-inch QHD IPS

Features: Size: 32” | Resolution: 2560×1440| Refresh Rate: 144Hz| Tilt: Yes| Pivot: No

Size: A similar 32” monitor with higher resolution and built-in speakers is also offered by Sceptre. Unlike the previous monitor, this IPS display is recommended for a simple setup where you have no room for speakers due to the large panel size.

Resolution: The high resolution of the display sets it apart from high-definition videos and recordings. If you need to record your work to have it presented at a conference, this might be the right monitor for you.

Refresh rate: No frame of a conference can be missed with such a high refresh rate.

Tilt: This huge monitor for videoconferences supports minimum angle adjustments.

Pivot: There is no pivot function on display. You can add a VESA mount to turn into portrait mode viewing.

Verdict: High resolution and a wide panel recommend this monitor for complex video calls where you need the extra space for documents, photos, or presentations.


#8 Best Anti-Glare Monitor: Sceptre IPS 32-inch QHD LED

Features: Size: 32 inches| Resolution: 2560×1440| Refresh Rate: 144Hz| Tilt: Yes | Pivot: Yes

Size: It won’t be easy moving up to a 32” monitor for some users. But this wide panel size is ideal if you work with editing, front-end or back-end development, architecture, engineering, etc. The extra space is useful when multitasking and when relaxing afterward with a movie. You will also notice the anti-glare panels improve visibility in almost any situation.

Resolution: The high 2K resolution of this display ensures you will not need to worry about potential upgrades soon.

Refresh rate: 144Hz refresh rate comes from the gaming world wherever frame matters.

Tilt: The monitor arm permits Small-angle adjustments.

Pivot: You can pivot your monitor to 90 degrees.

Verdict: Designed with privacy panels that reduce glare, this monitor is ideal for the sun shines in your room from the sides where simple anti-glare coating might not improve visibility.


#9 Best Eye Care Monitor: WERT 32 Inch HD Curved Screen

Features: Size: 32” | Resolution: 2560 x 1440| Refresh Rate: 165Hz| Tilt: Yes| Pivot: No

Size: The 32” inch panel looks even large given its narrow bezel design. It can be one of the most immersive displays on the list since its narrow bezel is made according to modern standards.

Resolution: At 2K resolution, you will enjoy maximum levels of detail. Most video conferencing software is not even enabling such high resolution now.

Refresh rate: High refresh rate and G-Sync support recommend this monitor for all purposes, including video calls, watching HD YouTube videos, and gaming.

Tilt: You can adjust the viewing angle slightly on this curved panel display.

Pivot: You cannot pivot the monitor.

Verdict: Made with Flickr-Free technology, this monitor is best for eye care, especially if you must spend hours per day in video conferences.


#10 Best High-End for Connectivity: WERT Monitors 24-inch

Features: Size: 24 inches| Resolution: 1920 x 1080| Refresh Rate: 144Hz| Tilt: Yes| Pivot: No

Size: The 178° panoramic angle of the panel is ideal for an immersive viewing experience. The 24” size of this monitor recommends it for the average user who doesn’t need to work with too many open windows at once.

Resolution: Full-HD resolution recommends the monitor for almost any type of videoconferencing software.

Refresh rate: No frame is missed during a video call when you have a 144Hz monitor.

Tilt:  You can tilt the monitor for better viewing angles. Since its curved, its tilting function is rarely used as the viewing angles are easier on the eyes than on a flat-screen alternative.

Pivot: There is no pivot function on this monitor, given its curved design.

Verdict: Backed by VGA and HDMI ports, this curved monitor looks good, but it also connects to laptops and other devices by cable easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size monitor do I need?

Depending on the type of conferences you want to take part in, the videos might take up display size. Most people choose 24-inch displays to start with.

Which is better between a 24 and a 27-inch monitor?

A 27” display adds a bit more size to the panel. It can be the right choice over the 24” display if you need to use it for multimedia as well.



Some of the best video conferencing monitors now come with a high refresh rate and full-HD resolution capacity. The ability to tilt or pivot might also be important, especially for video conferences where you need to make presentations. Most monitors above offer adjustable viewing angles.×1440-DisplayPort-Adjustable-E325B-QPN168/dp/B08VTW474P/×1440-DisplayPort-Adjustable-E325B-QPN168/dp/B08XDSG7VN/